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Antivirus Reviews

Malwarebytes Review 2017: Top Malware Removal & Protection

Malwarebytes 3.0 offers top-notch malware removal and protection products in free and premium versions. These tools are must-haves to accompany traditional antivirus software providers because of their unique ability to detect and annihilate all kinds of malware, spyware, adware, rootkits, Trojans, and more. With one-of-a-king technology, users will be safeguarded against malware with real-time protection.

Antivirus Reviews

Bitdefender 2017 Review: The Best in Antivirus Software

Bitdefender is the best antivirus software for home users, providing cross-device protection, ransomware protection, and scoring perfect scores consistently in multiple independent lab tests. This virus protection tool won't impair the performance of your computer, and will detect every threat, new and old. The countless awards Bitdefender won haven't stopped the developers from continuing to improve this great antivirus software on a regular basis.

Antivirus Reviews

Norton Security Review 2017: Top Antivirus Provider with Fully Furnished Internet Security Suites

Symantec's Norton brand is a veteran company in the field of virus protection for both PC and Mac, dating back to the early 90s. While offering a wide range of tools until 2015, Norton made a strategic move to aggregate all those tools under Norton Security 2016 and to provide better virus protection and utilities to its customers. Norton Security 2017 sees even more improvements and additions, especially on the VPN side. Norton is a market leader in test results where it never fails to deliver.


How to Protect Yourself Online: Best Practices for 2017

This article will teach you how to protect yourself online from hackers, malware and other threats. Find out how to choose an antivirus based on scientific facts and how to find reliable online reviews, recommendations and customer feedback when choosing an antivirus software. Discover the best free and paid software which will strengthen your cyber defense lines, and learn which habits you should develop in order to reduce your risk from online threats.


Best Free Antivirus Software 2017: Get Free Virus Protection

There is no excuse not to protect your PCs and devices when there is free virus protection out there offered by the best free antivirus providers. This article describes what free antivirus software is and details the advantages and disadvantages of free virus protection. It then goes on to discuss the differences between the free and paid versions of various antivirus vendors, so that you can make an informed decision to pick either free or paid antivirus packages.

Antivirus Reviews

Avast Antivirus 2016 Review: The Most Popular Antivirus

Avast gained its popularity through its 2008 release of an antivirus tool, which became the most popular free virus protection tool with 230 million installations to-date. The paid products Avast offers are very good and according to the most recent tests, they're even improving. Among the tools Avast provides are a firewall, spam protection, home WiFi protection, and much more.

Antivirus Reviews

Bitdefender Free Review 2017: Strong Cloud Protection With Zero Ads

Bitdefender Free is as simple as it gets. Aside from cloud-based real-time protection from malware and phishing, you get an on-demand scan which is limited to a single file or folder. On the bright side, you enjoy an excellent antivirus engine and you won't see any ads, aside from occasional email promotions.


Norton WiFi Privacy Review: A Trusted Cross-Device VPN Service

If you want to browse the Internet anonymously and safeguard your passwords and data when using a public WiFi hotspot, then Norton's WiFi Privacy VPN service will do the trick with excellent ad-blocking, automation mode, and other great features.


Best Internet Security Software 2017: Why Pick Internet Security?

There is no need to settle for the basic antivirus packages even if they provide the needed malware detection, protection, and removal. For a similar price, most antivirus vendors provide different levels of internet security software ranging from entry-level to premium and advanced. The best internet security suites include additional features for internet security safety and not just antivirus protection. Consider these packages if you have children, you are more concerned about online banking, you need coverage for more devices and operating systems, if you have small businesses, or you just want peace of mind every day. 


Free Malware Removal Software 2017: The Best Online Tools

Free malware removal tools and scanners are definitely not hard to come by! There are fantastic providers out there such as Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, and more, that not only provide antivirus protection but also a free malware scanner tool and other free online antivirus tools to ensure that your systems are never compromised or infected by malware. There is a free malware scanner out there for everyone. Read here to find out which one is for you and why!

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