Best Antivirus Reviews 2017 - Based on 10,000+ Lab Tests

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March 31

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Antivirus Reviews

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Antivirus Reviews

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Antivirus Reviews

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Antivirus Reviews

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Nowadays, everywhere you turn for reviews of antivirus software (or most other products, really) you see the same pattern:

There is no actual useful information, no thorough examination of products, and unscrupulous advertising of inferior products which pay the site owners a large fee.

Excellent products by companies with a tight marketing budget aren’t represented (or aren’t represented well enough) on most review sites, and that’s a damn shame.

We decided to do something about it, and we started with antivirus software reviews.

Our combination of skills and experience allowed us to build an excellent platform for comparing unbiased test results of all antivirus software available on the market.

Our combined background in information security, marketing, writing and our overall curiosity drove us to the results that you see before you:

Not just another site churning out reviews with no added value for you

Not just another site full of meaningless and useless “articles” at 500 new words per day that give you nothing but regurgitated reading material

Not just another site hiding behind a layer of anonymity (except for Dennis, he’s… just like that)

We bring you real value which is a result of our hard work and diligent research of antivirus software.

Read our About page and learn more about how we work and why.

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