Videos of Hands-On Testing of Antivirus Software Features

The world of antivirus software can get slightly complicated, and our team wants to keep it as simple as possible for our viewers!

Videos are one of the best ways to show our viewers what our professional team gets up to on a daily basis; one of the most important tasks being hands-on tests.

Our hands-on tests are conducted on all kinds of antivirus software features across the board, and we present them in graphs and tables.

To make it even more accessible to our viewers, and because we value our viewers' experience so much, we have created videos with step-by-step explanations on how we go about things and the important results we collect along the way.

The videos include malware protection tests, anti-phishing protection tests, feature testing, complete software reviews, how-to guides, and some other neat and handy stuff about our top anti virus providers!


Bitdefender Performs Beautifully in our Malware Detection Test

Avira Malware Detection Test Video - A Top Performer

Trend Micro Malware Detection Test Video - Hands-On Test

Video: Malwarebytes's Performance in our Malware Detection Test

Malware Detection Test of Kaspersky - Excellent Results

Norton Malware Detection Test Video - Detailed Demonstration

Video of Bitdefender's Excellent Anti-Phishing

Our number one goal is to keep our viewers savvy and to expand their knowledge about all the essential facts and opinions regarding antivirus software.

It is not easy to take in all the overwhelming information about malware threats, new cyber criminal tactics, the best antivirus software, the best guides, the newest antivirus technology, etc.

These videos are created to ease all the concerns of our viewers and to answer all the right questions, It's an invitation to our viewers to ask us challenging questions that can benefit the whole online antivirus community.

We provide vital information, but we also want to learn and grow with you.

We believe we can achieve our motto with engaging content and videos that present how hands-on we really are, and most importantly, that we are accessible and can relate to you as fellow human beings concerned about protecting our data and identity from online threats.

So enjoy and keep checking this page for more videos.

Please feel free to email us with any video suggestions and topics you'd like us to cover.

Videos Last updated:March 15, 2018


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