Avira Malware Detection Test Video - A Top Performer


If you want to witness Avira Total Security Suite tackle zero-day malware in our in-house hands-on malware detection test, then press play.

Read the complete Avira review for a comprehensive overview of the packages, features, more hands-on tests, and other background information.

In the test I take a honeypot folder with 1,000 dormant malware files in order to trigger a manual scan of Avira on the files.

Please note:This is not a test on Avira's malware detection rate on active malicious files; rather I check to see if the antivirus software can detect and delete or quarantine dormant files in order to prevent infection.

We should expect the folder to reduce to almost 0 files if the antivirus software has a powerful antivirus engine.

This video also includes a helpful discussion on malware types and infection methods.

If the latter is not relevant to you, jump over to 5:16.


Despite my testing Avira's higher-tiered product, the score from this hands-on test applies to all Avira's products because they all have the same built-in antivirus engine.

I have to prepare the PC for the test, so I install the latest update of Avira Total Security Suite on a clean Windows 10 OS install.

FYI: We use the same dedicated standalone PC for all our in-house tests so as to make sure the scores are consistent and comparable.

After I install the antivirus software, I update the antivirus engine and definition so as to trigger an update of Avira's signature database that contains all the MD5 signatures.

The database contains MD5 codes and other hashes, and the test portrays how Avira needs this database to compare the 1,000 files to the database to check for any malware recognition.

Avira performed excellently in this malware detection test with a top score of 96%.

If you are interested to see if other independent antivirus labs rate Avira on the same level as we do, use our nifty calculator. The tool collects lab test scores from over 1000 tests conducted every year by the labs.

This is out go-to search tool if you want to make an informed decision when choosing the best antivirus software that will tailor to all your needs.

I recommend that you set the year tab to the last 2-3 years so that you get the most relevant indication for the scores.

If you enjoyed this video and want to see more, you can browse the tests on our site under the video section, or you can visit our Youtube channel.

By Ami Zivov

A cyber-security expert and researcher

A cyber-security expert with many years of experience in the field. Ami does the majority of our hands-on testing, he writes and contributes to our antivirus reviews, and he leads the innovation for improving our readers’ experience on the site.

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