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This page lists all the VPN software reviews we completed so far.

We put in a great deal of effort into our reviews to provide you accurate test results and an objective rundown of features, prices, benefits and drawbacks.

Not only do we dig up everything we can about the company, we put the product through a series of in-house tests we developed, and present you with the process and the final results.

This allows us to compare VPN software objectively, and reach a final conclusion about the product.

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Q Which antivirus is best?


There is no antivirus software that is the best in all parameters and that suits all users in the same way. The select choice depends a great deal on personal preference and personal needs.

Users who aren't very computer-savvy might prefer to choose one with a more convenient user-interface. If you need a mobile version, or a virus protection software for your Mac, it will also disqualify several choices. Gamers must have a "gaming" mode available which will disable popups and warnings while gaming.

Q How antivirus software works?


Virus protection software works in several ways:

Manually-activated or scheduled full system scans check your system top to bottom for malware and other threats which might be lurking around, and clean up the infected files.

On-access scans are active in the background, checking every file you open for malicious elements.

Heuristics are also employed by antivirus software in order to identify unknown threats. This means that even if a program behaves strangely and doesn't match the current virus definitions, it's regarded as suspicious.

Q Is an antivirus necessary?


Some might say that it depends on one's level of familiarity with technology, but we advocate using at least basic virus protection regardless of how well you understand this world.

Just as veteran doctors aren't immune to disease, advanced users and highly regarded professionals may also find themselves under the attack of malware without expecting it.

Malware might attack you in the places you least expect around the web, so installing a virus protection software is the smart move.

Q Is a free antivirus good enough?


Depending on the antivirus company you choose, a free antivirus tool might have one or more of these drawbacks:

Annoying popups that implore you to upgrade to the paid antivirus version, ads within the software, lack of certain protection tools like a firewall, a less convenient user interface, and more.

If you're really tight for cash, a free antivirus tool might be enough for you, but bear in mind that more often than not, it will increase your exposure to online threats.

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