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If you connect to the internet without antivirus software you’re taking a big risk. Now, more than ever, our computers and phones expose us to online attackers looking to take advantage of us using viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware, ransomware, and a number of other types of malicious software. The only way for us to defend ourselves from these relentless internet attacks is through virus protection software.

However, with the influx of types of virus protection, it isn’t easy to pick the best one. is dedicated to making the web a safer place where it is easier to stay protected against ever-evolving online attacks with thorough reviews and comparisons of the top virus protection software products.

List of Top Virus Protection Providers

The best antivirus programs make it easy to stay protected. Here is our list of the best antivirus software reviews whose products combine fully-loaded features with ease of use, reliability, value, and excellent customer support. Our comprehensive reviews, comparisons, and charts will help you pick from these top providers and select the antivirus protection that is right for you.

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Q Which antivirus is best?


There is no antivirus software that is the best in all parameters and that suits all users in the same way. The select choice depends a great deal on personal preference and personal needs.

Users who aren't very computer-savvy might prefer to choose one with a more convenient user-interface. If you need a mobile version, or a virus protection software for your Mac, it will also disqualify several choices. Gamers must have a "gaming" mode available which will disable popups and warnings while gaming.

Q How antivirus software works?


Virus protection software works in several ways:

Manually-activated or scheduled full system scans check your system top to bottom for malware and other threats which might be lurking around, and clean up the infected files.

On-access scans are active in the background, checking every file you open for malicious elements.

Heuristics are also employed by antivirus software in order to identify unknown threats. This means that even if a program behaves strangely and doesn't match the current virus definitions, it's regarded as suspicious.

Q Is an antivirus necessary?


Some might say that it depends on one's level of familiarity with technology, but we advocate using at least basic virus protection regardless of how well you understand this world.

Just as veteran doctors aren't immune to disease, advanced users and highly regarded professionals may also find themselves under the attack of malware without expecting it.

Malware might attack you in the places you least expect around the web, so installing a virus protection software is the smart move.

Q Is a free antivirus good enough?


Depending on the antivirus company you choose, a free antivirus tool might have one or more of these drawbacks:

Annoying popups that implore you to upgrade to the paid antivirus version, ads within the software, lack of certain protection tools like a firewall, a less convenient user interface, and more.

If you're really tight for cash, a free antivirus tool might be enough for you, but bear in mind that more often than not, it will increase your exposure to online threats.

Is an Antivirus Software Really Necessary?

The short answer: absolutely!

Regardless of your operating system, the time you spend on your computer or cell phone, the sites you visit, or the other security you already have in place, an antivirus program needs to be installed on your device.

Even for those among us who demonstrate extreme caution while browsing and downloading from the internet, good online behavior isn’t enough.

Imagine this:

Malware manages to infest your PC to gather your passwords and personal information.

How about some helping looking software deploys a malicious virus to access information stored in your email account or your bank details.

The only way to protect yourself from these online attacks is with the best antivirus software, which is designed specifically to keep your PC safe from these and other types of attacks. 

Why is it Important to have an Antivirus Software?

Even the most tech-savvy users would agree that the internet can be a dangerous place.

Downloading a simple file or program can quickly turn from a routine task to a major headache for those with computers and mobile devices lacking virus protection.

A few of the most important reasons to install antivirus protection include:

Protection from Viruses

The best known of internet attackers, viruses are capable of causing extensive damage.

Typically, a user unknowingly acquires a virus when downloading a questionable file falsely presented as something else, or when using a phishing website.

Once the virus has been downloaded, it can slow processing speeds, delete important data, and cause irreparable damage to your device.


The best virus protection software can block nearly 100% of viruses, keeping your PC or mobile device protected and your mind free of worries.

Protection from Spyware

Spyware does exactly what its name implies – infecting your mobile device or PC and spying on you, and then stealing your personal information.

Spyware targets your bank information, passwords, social security number, credit card details, or anything else that hackers can make use of.

Once you fall victim to spyware, these hackers can save and copy your information, assuming your identity and making purchases with your financial details!

Identity theft of this type is a major inconvenience for victims, but is easily solvable with our best antivirus software reviews.

Protection from Spam

Spam, the incredibly annoying emails and pop-up ads that seem to follow us everywhere, is more than just irritating – it could be an indication of something worse.

What many don’t know is that spam is most often the result of a virus, which was possibly unknowingly downloaded.

Our antivirus reviews can help to completely eliminate spam on your PC by removing your current spam-causing viruses and blocking the installation of future ones. 

How Does Antivirus Software Work?

Luckily for most users, it isn’t necessary to understand how anti-virus software works.

We simply select one from the ratings and comparisons, purchase and install it, and the program’s user-friendly interface makes protection a piece of cake.


For those who would like to know more about how antivirus software works, this knowledge can help you make a better decision regarding which virus protection software is right for you.

On-Access Scanning

The high degree of protection provided by the best antivirus software means that the software is always running and providing constant protection.

For example, when you double-click to open a program, it may seem like the program launches immediately, but that isn’t the case.

In the time between your double-click and the program’s opening, antivirus software already has inspected the program’s contents and found it to be safe from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

The same process happens for other types of files that can contain unwanted viruses as well.

Full System Scans

Because of the protection provided by the program’s on-access scanning, it isn’t often necessary to run a full system scan.


This feature is useful in certain situations:

After you’ve just installed your anti-virus software and want to check that you haven’t previously downloaded any malware, a full scan is recommended.

Additionally, most antivirus programs recommend and set up a full system scan once a week to ensure that the latest virus definition files are used to scan your system for any previously downloaded dormant viruses.

Finally, full system scans are helpful when repairing an already-infected PC or cell phone.

However, you normally won’t have to prompt your antivirus tools to run a full-system scan.

The program is already monitoring activity in the background and running occasional full-system scans automatically.

Which Antivirus Software is the Best?

When considering which antivirus tool is the best, it’s important to consider which virus protection is right for you.

For example, are you concerned about a particular feature such as gamer mode, infected file quarantine, or anti-rootkit?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a software that does it all, but within a particular budget.

Another concern could be ease of use, or perhaps the quality of the company’s customer service.

Our complete antivirus comparison addresses each of these needs and more, helping you to decide which of the top virus protection programs is suitable for your needs.

Start browsing our reviews now to compare the antivirus programs available, find the perfect software for you, and become protected against online threats.

Not sure where to begin?

Take a look at our pick of the best antivirus software:

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