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Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab is a reliable antivirus software company that provides a wide range of tools against the constant flood of ever-evolving online threats.
97.65 / 100
#1 of 41
Global Rank
87 tests
in the last 506 days
Unique Tests
Protection tests put antivirus software to the task of detecting infection attempts by both known malware and zero-day threats, quality of real-time protection, and effectiveness of infection clean up and repair.
Score: 98.9 Tests: (36)
Performance Impact
Performance impact testing checks how an antivirus software affects the resource usage of your computer and the impact on its speed when performing various tasks, such as activating certain programs, copying files, and more.
Score: 94.3 Tests: (14)
False Alerts
False alert tests (also known as false positive or usability tests) check the reliability of an antivirus program and rate it based on how many harmless programs and/or files are flagged as malicious.
Score: 99.8 Tests: (37)

Antivirus Test Results Graph

Pick any antivirus company from the table below and examine its test results on the graph.

Protection, Performance Impact, and False Alert test results are represented by different colors. A higher score always means a better result.

Zoom in and out of the graph by placing your mouse on it and scrolling up and down; left click on the graph and drag it left and right to move the graph; right click to reset the view.

Click any data point on the graph for a link to the original test results on the testing lab's site.

Sort By:
Kaspersky Lab 97.65
2 Avira 96.92
3 Bitdefender 96.82
4 Norton Security 96.11
5 Total Defense 94.37
6 Tencent 93.81
7 Trustport 93.37
8 AVG 93.08
9 CompuClever 92.90
10 Ikarus 92.89
11 Arcabit 91.91
12 ESTsoft 91.91
13 360 Total Security 91.76
14 Fortinet 91.18
15 CrowdStrike 90.85
16 ESET 90.74
17 Trend Micro 90.61
18 Avast 90.42
19 G Data 89.84
20 AhnLab 89.51
21 BullGuard 89.16
22 McAfee 89.12
23 Vipre 89.11
24 NANO Security 88.91
25 Seqrite 88.50
26 PCKeeper 88.47
27 iSheriff 88.43
28 Emsisoft 88.34
29 eScan 87.25
30 ZoneAlarm 86.88
31 QuickHeal 86.46
32 K7 86.00
33 Sophos 85.93
34 Microsoft 85.49
35 Panda 84.49
36 F-Secure 83.32
37 Lavasoft 82.25
38 Msecure Data Labs 82.00
39 Comodo 74.07
40 Cyren 69.26
41 TGSoft 61.16

Antivirus Trends, Comparison and Aggregate Lab Test Results

If you’re here, you’ve been asking yourself the following question:

“What is the best antivirus?”

We have the answer for you, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

We developed this sophisticated antivirus test result aggregator in order to make it easier for you to compare all the unbiased antivirus test results since 2009.

All the tests were performed by third-party laboratories specializing in antivirus software testing.

Every test result you will find here was released by labs who hold the AMTSO (Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization) certificate.

How to use the Antivirus Trends tool?

This easy-to-use tool is our pride and joy!

We made sure that anyone can use it and get a personalized answer in a few clicks.

All you need to do is to select:

  1. What you need to protect:
    Your home computer, a mobile device, or your business network.
  2. The time frame for which you’d like to see test results:
    We recommend looking at the last 12 months or so for the most accurate and relevant results, but feel free to play around with it and try different time frames.
  3. Your operating system:
    Windows, Mac, Android or Linux

Once you have made your choice – click on the big Calculate button.

A few seconds later you’ll have your answer with the top choice, along with an awesome graph showing all the test results during the period you selected.

But wait, there’s more:

You can also see how other antivirus companies fared when they were tested during the same time period by selecting any antivirus from the list to the left of the graph.

Clarifications about the data

A few comments to clarify the results:

Accuracy of test results

Antivirus software companies work constantly to release new and more advanced program versions, as do malware developers.

As fun as it is to play with our lab test results calculator, we recommend you look at more recent tests in order to reach the correct conclusion, but make sure there are enough to show a clear trend and represent reality.

We recommend looking at results which are based on a minimum of 20-30 tests overall and at least 10 tests for each category of testing.

Normalization of scores

We do not change the conclusions one gathers from the tests. The results you see here are based on actual test results, but in some cases the scores are not on a 0 – 100 scale, and we have to normalize them.

For example, AV-Test ranks antivirus software on a 0 – 6 scale, so we divide all the results by 6 and receive the score you see here.

Test type weights

Because all three test types are important, their unweighted average represents the final average score.

You can evaluate the results of each test type separately by changing the sorting in the table near the graph.

Why we built the Antivirus Trends tool?

The answer is simple:

Unbiased reviews hardly exist online, and if you want to be sure you’re making the right choice, you have to know the facts.

In this case it means you have to see the test results for yourself.

Since each antivirus test report is at least 5 pages long and tends to be filled with technical specs and details which you really don’t need, we decided to simplify it for you by removing all the fluff and aggregating the interesting bits – the antivirus test scores.

What else?

We also wrote thorough reviews of each of the deserving antivirus programs which you can read to decide which product suits you better in terms of features, number of covered devices, supported operating systems, and other aspects.

So first you need to find the company that fared best in the lab tests.

Then you should take a look at the review and see if this antivirus is suitable for your specific needs.

If it isn’t, there’s no shame in taking the second-best antivirus instead, as long as it addresses all of your security needs.

Got an idea?

If you think you have an idea which will make this tool even more awesome than it already is, please let us know and we’ll definitely take note of that for the next version we release.

Lab Tests Last updated:August 9, 2017


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