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ThreatTrack VIPRE 2017 Review: Bonus Protection Features

By: Danielle P
Vipre Review

VIPRE Advanced Security protects against many types of malware such as viruses, spyware, bots, rootkits, and Trojans. It can also identify phishing websites.

For an entry-level type of provider, there are strong features and attributes that makes VIPRE worth a try.

It has the ability to detect and prevent malware infections because of all its bonus features.


Vipre dashboard

Vipre dashboard

Company Background

The anti-malware products by VIPRE are established by a leading cyber security institution founded in 1994 called ThreatTrack Security Inc., originally called GFI Software, who create innovative and advanced defense packages and solutions for IT users, businesses, government agencies, and home users.

GFI Software bought Sunbelt Software Inc. who focus on leading solutions for Windows users. This company has a lot of cyber security solutions under its belt like CounterSpy which is an anti-spyware software and iHateSpam, an email security product.

In 2008 the VIPRE product line was released which combined anti-spyware and anti-malware into a small-footprint and unified antivirus solution. Today, VIPRE protects millions of PC users around the world.

The latest version is ThreatTrack Vipre Advanced Security which is known to have good anti-phishing protection and malicious URL blocking.

Key Points about ThreatTrack VIPRE

Here are some key points, in no particular order, to take into consideration if you wish to give VIPRE a go:


The new VIPRE Advanced Security is a sure step up from the 2015 versions with its improved anti-phishing protection and malicious URL blocking capabilities because of the new Edge Protection component.


If VIPRE isn't for you, worry not because we have reviews on many other top antivirus providers.

By Danielle P

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ThreatTrack VIPRE offers antivirus protection and good anti-phishing and malicious URL blocking features with its Advanced Security product. Home users can enjoy peace of mind with products that offer bonus protection features despite being entry-level software.

Date published:September 23, 2017
8 / 10 stars


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