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Trustport 2017 Review: A Double Antivirus Engine & Rescue CD

By: Danielle P

Trustport is a security software provider that offers high-performance software with good features and a helpful user-manual.

The company offers proactive protection so that every time a user opens a file or launches an application, Trustport will check and monitor it. 

If malware happens to slip through the software unnoticed, Trustport is able to discover it and then block it as soon as the virus tries to run or communicate with its sender.

Sometimes malware can render a PC inoperable, and this is why the software developers created the system rescue disk feature so users can reboot the compromised PC.

Let's take a look at what else this antivirus provider has to offer its users in this Trustport review.


Trustport dashboard

Trustport dashboard

Company Background

Trustport's roots date back to 1991 in the Czech Republic when the company was part of AEC Company (Association for Electronics and Computers), and their products were sold under AEC's label.

By 2008, Trustport gained a lot of experience in the field of IT security software and therefore established itself as an independent firm for IT solutions and services.

One reason that Trustport became a standalone IT establishment is because Cleverlance Group, a CEE company that specializes in IT products and services in the financial, corporate, and TELCO  branches, signed an acquisition agreement with AEC for Cleverlance to become the new owner. Cleverlance decided to form Trustport as a new company from AEC's development department with Jiří Mrnuštík  as the CEO.  

Today, Trustport's goal is to safeguard the online security, communications, and data of its customers across the globe with tools fit for home users and large enterprises. The tools include encryption technologies, anti-spam trackers, and AL techniques that monitor unusual behavior so that Trustport picks up on known and unknown threats, spam, and other suspicious activities.

Key Points about Trustport


Trustport is definitely worth a mention among our best antivirus providers and perhaps even worth a try.

If you would like to find out more about its performance in different tests alongside the other top antivirus software performers, please consult our helpful Antivirus lab test results calculator.


Trustport uses strong and sophisticated IT security software and solutions for home users with an antivirus engine outsourced by two of the top antivirus providers, Bitdefender and AVG. Trustport has also developed their own antivirus features to safeguard their users across the globe with features such a silent gamer mode and a Rescue disk.

Date published:March 20, 2018
7.9 / 10 stars


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