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eScan 2016 Review - An Anti-Virus and IT Security Provider

By: Danielle P

Microworld introduces eScan anti-virus and online security products to protect your online presence at all times.

The packages are designed to include a full anti-virus engine with some advanced software and technology.

From PCs, to Linux, to Mac and iOS, and to Android, eScan has embraced the multi-dimensional IT world and invited everyone to the table with customized packages.

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Read this eScan review to get a feel for what this anti-virus provider has to offer all those seeking IT security and protection.

Anti-virus and IT Security Provider - eScan

eScan anti-virus and IT Security Provider

Pros and Cons

  • Mac Android & Linux support
  • Two-way firewall
  • Includes antispam
  • Below average malware removal scores
  • Not fully configured out of the box
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No quick scan

No Money-Back Guarantee

For all those interested in trying out eScan products before actually committing, there is a 30-day free trial policy; this is great to test out the waters.

Should you decide to purchase right away, there is either no money-back guarantee, or there is a 14-day money-back guarantee from the day of the delivery of the product (only working days are counted), and provided that the software is not registered or activated.

Note: In some cases there is no money-back guarantee at all. It is a case-by-case matter!

History of eScan

Mr. Govind Rammurthy, a household name in India's IT sector, established Microworld in 1993.

Microworld specializes in Information Security solutions which develops protection mechanisms against cyber threats, two of which are:

  1. eScan
  2. MailScan

These products include antivirus software including: anti-spyware, anti-spam, content security, theft prevention, and network intrusion prevention.

Today, Microworld has offices in the US and all over the world.


eScan has 4 home products on offer with a full antivirus engine besides for a password manager.

The parental control is not included in the basic package, but I reckon that it's okay since not everyone needs or wants it as a determining factor for good antivirus protection.

eScan products are very versatile in that they run on all Windows versions, with packages designed for Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS users as well.

There are also packages and software specialized for small, medium, and large businesses.

The main thing I want to note is the following:

The lowest package - Anti-Virus - comes with a full antivirus engine, and all the other main features that they all include, such as game mode, firewall, spam filter, 24/7 customer service, and more. It just excludes parental control and other features which are not that crucial in determining what makes good antivirus protection software.

In my opinion, parental control is not always crucial as not everyone needs it or want the feature; however, if you do want it, you have to pay another $16 for it in the Internet Security Suite. 

The same goes for the price difference between Internet Security Suite and the Total Security Suite which is a $10 difference. 

The only small price disparity is between Total Security and Universal Security, which makes the latter worth it because it's built for more devices.

This is the breakdown of the different packages:

Comparison Table of eScan Home Products

eScan Comparison Table of Home Products

My Recommendation

I recommend getting the Anti-Virus package because it comes with the most important features that an antivirus program needs. If you need parental control, then you need to opt for the Internet Security Suite In terms of the two highest packages, go for the Universal Security as it is only $6 more than the Total Security Suite.


Business - Big, Small, and Enterprises

eScan has taken everyone into consideration, including businesses of all sizes with relevant products.

Small and medium-sized businesses are catered for with either the Anti-Virus for SMB or the Internet Security Suite for SMB. There is also the Webscan for Linux Proxy Server.

Large corporate enterprises need that extra kick of security for their networks, and so eScan came up with different solutions with several eScan Enterprise Editions with Hybrid Network Support and more.

There are options for Citrix Servers, Linux File Servers, and an Endpoint Security Hybrid Network Support package.

eScan's Key Features

Advanced Proactive Scanner

Virus eScan scanning in progress

Virus eScan scanner in progress

Your devices will be scanned, either automatically or manually, by this proactive scanner for any kind of malware infection or virus attacks.

If you want to run a manual scan, you have to press on the scan icon below the eScan Window which includes a whole lot of  Action, Priority, and Alert settings for scanning.

Choose from the scheduled scan or the demand scan depending on your needs.

Scan process completed with eScan scanner

Completed eScan scanner process

The scan was run by me on my system - a 4GB RAM, Intel Core i7 CPU 3.20 GHz - and this is what I observed:

The time taken for the full scan: 10:41 minutes.

Like G DATA, there is also no quick scan mechanism.

Independent Test Scores by AV-Test

AV-Test is always a good indication to see where the antivirus provider is at in terms of quality and performance.

The results are discerned on 3 levels in order to determine how good a software is.

For Protection eScan didn't score so high compared to other providers. The overall score was a 75% for protection against zero-day malware attacks, and the detection of predominant malware attacks.

eScan's performance also came in at 75% in relation to the influence of the antivirus product on the daily usage speed of a PC.

The Usability score was much better at 92%, which means that eScan is good at preventing false positive warnings when the system is scanned.

Results for AV-Test for eScan

eScan AV-Test results

These test results aren't anything to write home about compared to other anti-virus and IT security providers' protection and performance scores. Home User Test

As with all the other reviews, this one is no different.

I ran eScan through the same tests which you can compare on our super duper comparison table to test the performance quality of eScan when the PC is in 3 states, namely: idle with no antivirus, an idle instance of eScan running in the backgorund, and lastly, while eScan is running a full scan.

These are the results:

eScan's System Performance Impact

System performance impact by eScan

Idle - Windows 10 without eScan

Windows 10 without eScan - Idle

eScan idle installation CPU and memory usage

CPU and memory usage by an idle eScan installation

eScan during a full scan - CPU and memory usage

CPU and memory usage by eScan during a full scan

eScan gets a high 90% for its real life score for the real life home user test.

Proactive Behavior Malware Protection

This is a full anti-virus engine that works on a proactive behavioral mechanism.

eScan products provide real-time protection to all your folders and files when they are accessed, executed, or copied. Along with the latter are a block files tool and folder protection, so that you can block files or put them in quarantine so no local or network drives can use them, and to prevent anyone from updating, creating, or deleting files and sub-folders within a folder list.

There is also mail anti-virus which stands in the way of infected mail attachments with spyware and adware from entering your inbox. This is a great anti-phishing mechanism because malicious software and programs will not reach you through emails.

eScan's mailscan anti-phishing mechanism

Anti-phishing mechanism with eScan's mailscan

Both the Internet Security Suite and the Total Security Suite come with web protection which prevents any graphic content from popping up in your browser.

Spam Filter

The filter worked on a keyword and phrase search based on NILP advanced technology. It picks up on these filters in your mail according to the ones you create and configure in your settings in order to prevent you from getting spam mail. There is also a behavioral mechanism in place to track the user's patterns in discerning what constitutes as spam.

Warning messages appear when any spam mail seems to appear.

You can refine the settings by white-listing phrases and words that you send or receive by mail so that these words are not caught in the monitoring process. You can also block words and phrases for different users.

The downside is that it does not offer protection for emails you access via web-based email services, like Gmail.

Two-Way Firewall

Two-way firewall settings on eScan

eScan's two-way firewall settings

eScan's Firewall is designed to assess both incoming and outgoing network traffic so that your PC can be protected from any network-based threats and attacks.

The firewall comes with default settings and controls that you can change, remove, or customize based on your needs. The rules are there to create barriers between your PC and the network.

The job of this tool is to evaluate the rules, then to analyze the unauthorized network or internet connections, and then to filter and sift out anything according to the rules you configure.

Real-Time Cloud Protection

The cloud is established on eScan's technology called Security Network in order to monitor, identify, and block new viruses, trojans, worms, and threats with an immediate response before all havoc breaks loose into your system. In this way, you are guaranteed ultimate protection.

eScan Labs get notified straight away about any malware threats within the network, as well as all information about sketchy files, websites, emails, peer-to-peer-networks, and more.

Parental Control

eScan's web and parental control

Web and parental control on eScan

This feature only comes with the Internet Security Suite and the Total Security Suite in contrast to other antivirus providers who include this in their basic packages.

eScan parental control works with complex algorithms so that you can block your children from accessing certain websites that contain specific keywords and phrases, as well as to block them from entering pornographic sites.

eScan's blocked site with parental control

Blocked site with parental control on eScan


Endpoint Security

With this feature your PC is protected from any devices connected to it that may be infected, for example: USBs, SD cards, CD or DVD ROMs, and Webcams. With endpoint security's application control, you can determine access to different applications with the whitelisting and blocking tool.

Again, this is not part of the Anti-Virus basic package.

Privacy Control

If you want to clean up your browser history and cache, cookies and personal credentials, the Browser cleanup is your guy. 

In this way, all temporary data will be erased from the web pages you visit, and you can run this updates on  schedule or manually with the Internet Security Suite and the Top Security Suite products.

Additional Features


Exclusive to the Top Security Suite package is the anti-theft feature.

No one can pull a Borne Identity move on you with this tool because you will be totally protected.

Your private information, banking details, and passwords will all  be sealed from anyone else's eyes.


This tool is available with the eScan Total Security Suite package. 

Backup is always vital in case of ransomware attacks or other issues, and this tool allows users to backup important folders and files in an encrypted format to a US or external drive, or you can choose a path to save the backed up information.

eScan Anti-Virus for Mac

eScan have established a package for Apple Macintosh machines called eScan Antivirus Security for Mac.

This package includes real-time protection to PCs against viruses, botnets, adware, spyware, keyloggers, and rootkits.


eScan Anti-Virus for Linux

eScan provides an anti-virus package for Linux desktops from viruses and threats.

Anyone opting for this product can expect an easy user interface, easy-to-use software, automatic scans, and 24/7 online technical support.

eScan for iOS

The eScan Mobile Security for iPhones and iPads has all you iOS lovers covered.

This product is a solution for all iProducts. 

There is a feature to set at alarm to locate your device on a map using an anti-theft portal. This sounds sneaky, but if someone steals your device, you can send an alert message to them. or take a selfie of the user holding the device.

Another feature included in this is the eScan browser to block any unwanted websites.

What's more!

There are lots of neat tools some of which are backup for your contacts, you can set your privacy settings on Facebook through the eScan privacy settings for the device, and lastly you can optimize battery usage.

eScan for Android

There are two products:

  1. eScan Mobile Security for Android

    This product protects your mobile phone against malware attacks, data theft, data loss, privacy threats, and more.

    You can locate your lost of stolen phone with the anti-theft features, and you can also remotely lock it and wipe the data out.
  2. eScan Tablet Security for Android

    With this product, you can prevent all your data from being infected from malware and back it up on a regular basis.

    This package also includes the anti-theft mechanism for lost devices as above.



Trendy and Streamlined User Interface

eScan's nine-panel trendy interface

Nine-panel trendy interface on eScan

eScan now boasts a newly designed user interface with a simple window that is easy to navigate around. 

The interface is made up of 8 panels, each of which leads to a different settings and information.

At the bottom of the window, there are icons for scans, updates, and other utilities. When you mouse over the icons they bulge for a trendy kind of feel.

A security status will appear when you open the application which details a progress report of past and current scans.

Overall, the design is trendy and streamlined so that anyone can enjoy using the eScan products.

Devices and System Requirements

eScan supports Windows XP SP2 or any higher version. The minimum hardware requirements are a 1GHz CPU, 1 GB of RAM or more, and 1 GB or above of disk space.

eScan also supports Linux software; the minimum hardware requirements are an Intel Pentium compatible (or equivalent) CPU, 512 MB or more of RAM, and the disk space needed is 500 MB or above.

For those with Mac devices, you need OS X Version 10.6 - 10.9.

iOS users need iOS 6.0 or later, 20-50 MB of RAM and a minimum disk space of 20-25 MB.

If you're an Android fan, you will need version 2.3 or above and 15-20 MB of disk space.

Note: If you own a rooted Android device, eScan won't work on it.

3 Ways to Get Help

If you have any queries or need assistance with eScan's products, you can contact the offices in several ways:

  1. Email
  2. Phone
  3. Live Chat

There are offices in India, USA, Dubai for the Middle East, South Africa for Africa, Germany, Malaysia, and Mexico.

Each region has different websites, email addresses and phone numbers. Customers within India receive 24 hour support, whereas the other regions have different business hours and times for certain support options. (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or 10 a.m. to 6 p.m in the local time). India also has a toll free number.

The Live Chat support is available in English and German.

For those that need online technical support, there is free assistance for everyone 24/7, as well as tutorials, eScan forums, and eScan FAQs.

Certifications and Awards

Microworld's products, one of which is eScan, are no stranger to all-extensive tests and certifications by distinguished evaluators, namely: AV-Test, PCSL labs, Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives, and ICSA.

In June 2016, eScan Internet Security was awarded by AV-Comparatives for the real-time threat list certification because it performed well in detecting sophisticated malicious files. 

In April 2016, AV-Test awarded eScan's 14th version of the Internet Security Suite with certification.

These are just a few among many others.

Value for Money

So, is it worth it to invest in eScan's anti-virus products?

My opinion is that if you find that the products give you everything you need, then why not?

They provide a solid anti-virus engine for all devices and reasonable prices; however, there are other anti-virus providers who offer more with their basic packages - like a better parental control, and there some which have better prices,

We suggest you take a look at our antivirus reviews to make the best decision for yourself.

My Conclusion

  • Mac Android & Linux support
  • Two-way firewall
  • Includes antispam
  • Below average malware removal scores
  • Not fully configured out of the box
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No quick scan

From this 2016 eScan review, I can conclude that they offer great anti-virus products that product your privacy and shield you from online attacks and malware.

In saying that, there are probably some better providers within the same category and price range who offer slightly more in terms of features, and who provide slightly stronger software in terms of performance and protection.

GET eScan Anti-Virus

If you are looking for a solid anti-virus and IT security provider to enhance your online experience and to make it comfortable and protected, eScan is a great provider to turn to. With packages for PCs, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android, every device has been considered for strong protection against malware and cyber threats, both old and the ever-evolving ones.

Date published:March 5, 2018
8.3 / 10 stars


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