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Avast Antivirus 2016 Review: The Most Popular Antivirus

By: Dennis Z

Avast surprised the online security market when it introduced its free antivirus back in 2001. As one of the first companies to offer such a product, it became extremely popular and now lays claim to approximately 230 million users which makes it the most popular antivirus today.

With advanced protection tools for PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices, Avast is now catching up with the market leaders of paid antivirus software.

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In this Avast antivirus review I will cover the full range of products and features that Avast has to offer.

Avast Pro Antivirus

The Interface of Avast Pro Antivirus

Pros and Cons

  • Most likely software to detect emerging threats due to its popularity
  • Secure DNS protects you from phishing sites
  • Vulnerability scanner checks for outdated software
  • 24/7 phone tech support
  • Average malware detection rates
  • High false positives in independent testing

Free Trial: 30 Days of Totally Free Virus Protection

Avast provides everyone a free trial of 30 days for any of the paid bundle versions. You just download it, and that's it!

Background of Avast

Avast was created by ALWIL Software which was founded in the former Czechoslovakia in 1988.

The birth of Avast came as a result of attempts by two partners to write a software to remove the Vienna computer virus software, which later evolved into the first antivirus for Windows 95.

Avast's antivirus engine was so impressive that it was licensed to McAfee for use in their own AntiVirus in 1997.

After Avast Free Antivirus was launched in 2001, the company's user base began seeing a steep rise, and today the company boasts 230 million installations.

Avast's 2016 Security Products

Avast's free antivirus lacks several important features like protection from phishing sites and secure shopping options.

In this section I'll cover all of Avast's paid products.

Avast Premier 2016

Avast Premier is by far the best security product offered for home users.

In addition to all the features of Avast's Internet Security it also includes these winning features:

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Avast Product Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison of Avast Products

Avast Internet Security 2016

This bundle will protect your computer by using all of the Antivirus Pro features and in addition you will enjoy protection from spam & phishing emails, and a privacy shield in the form of a superb firewall.

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Avast Pro Antivirus 2016

With Avast's Antivirus Pro you get the malware protection which is the pride of this company. Its features both include Internet Security and Avast Premier.

You enjoy total real-time protection from viruses, spyware, trojans, ransomware, phishing web pages, and even from emerging threats.

Once Avast recognizes such an emerging online threat on one of its users' computers, the malware is tested and they update the threat database for the benefit of their other 230 million users. So you basically start enjoying protection from threats which Avast recognizes because they attacked one other user.

This is an impressive feature that leverages Avast's popularity for the benefit of its entire customer base!

Furthermore, Avast will clean up your web browser from unwanted plugins, extensions and toolbars, reducing your exposure to threats during your online activities.

With Avast, like with many other antivirus software brands, your shopping experience will finally be 100% secure and your financial details safe.

Oh, and you even get a password manager!

My advice:

Get Avast's Internet Security bundle, which I mentioned above, because it's on sale at the moment, and you will get more value for money out of it than from Avast Antivirus Pro without compromising on any features and even getting a few additional ones.

Avast for Business

In addition to its impressive line of products for home users, Avast offers a variety of solutions tailored for the needs of small and big businesses.

Aside from the bundles on which I elaborate below, you can also grab separate protection for your file servers and your Windows or Linux email servers.

Save money:

Purchase multi-seat bundles for 3 years and take advantage of their "3 for 2" sale, which not only grants you a 50% discount per seat, but also gives you the 3rd year for free!

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Avast Endpoint Protection

This plan covers only windows PCs and includes Avast's standard malware protection, boot time scans, a sandbox for running questionable software, while maintaining the integrity of your defense lines and remote management of your users' online security software.

Moreover, you get a "safe zone" which allows you to perform banking activities and transactions without exposing yourself and your company to threats.

Another neat feature included in this plan and all other plans is a "silent mode", which will stop Avast from interrupting the users with notifications.

Avast Endpoint Protection Plus

This plan is also intended for Windows PCs only but it's more advanced: it includes a firewall and protection from spam emails.

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite

This suite is the same as Avast Endpoint Protection in terms of features, but it can also be installed on file servers.

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus

This suite is the same as Avast Endpoint Protection Plus in terms of features, but it can also be installed on file servers and email servers.


Avast offers a very simple and intuitive interface, regardless of which product you choose to install.

The installation is simple, and once you enable automated updates and schedule a few regular scans, you can pretty much forget about it, barring the occasions when it blocks threats from entering your system.

Performance in Independent Testing

Avast was tested by multiple independent labs over the years, and the results are not bad, but also not the best.

So what to make of it?

We decided to determine by testing it ourselves, and we found that Avast does have a noticeable, yet not extremely significant impact on the system's resources.

Devices and System Requirements

Avast runs on practically every device you can think of that wasn't built in the '90s: PC, Mac OSx, Android and iOS.

You need the most basic OS (For a PC: Windows XP SP2 or a later Windows version) and hardware:

Anyone doesn't have this hardware? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Additional Tools by Avast

Avast offers several tools for sale separately, but some of them are included in the bundles I already discussed earlier in this Avast Antivirus review.

Avast SecureLine offers a VPN connection on any network to which you connect, to allow you safe transfer of data on the web without worrying about anyone snooping. You can get a 7 day free trial for this VPN tool.

Avast Cleanup is a standard PC clean up and speed up tool. You can get a free version, or one with a few more features for a price but with a 14 day free trial.

The browser cleanup tool and the password manager are both free, and included in all the versions of Avast Antivirus 2016.

Customer Support

On Avast's website you can find a neat section of online help with clear and concise guides about each of the features that Avast's products offer on each type of device and OS. Furthermore, there's a huge forum where you can ask questions and participate in discussions about Avast software.

If you need personal assistance, you can call Avast's international number 24/7 or even contact them via Skype, and like with any self-respecting company, you can open a support ticket if you're not in dire need of urgent and immediate assistance.

This company is active across its social media profiles including Google+, Facebook and Twitter, so should the impossible happen and you can't get help using the regular channels, you can always reach out to them via your favorite social media platform.

Avast also offers premium technical support for a fee. 

Certifications and Awards

Avast is certified by a variety of different independent institutes as a provider of antivirus software for multiple operating systems and devices.

It received countless awards for both its free and paid products throughout the years, with the first ones awarded as early as 1998.

Value for Money

You can truly get great value for your hard earned cash with most of Avast's products.

I say most, because you wouldn't buy a lesser product for more money, right?


So you should probably go for the discounted Internet Security suite (or even cough up a few extra bucks for Avast Premier) instead of the regular priced Antivirus Pro which offers less features and is more expensive right now.

My Conclusion

Avast is a grand Antivirus with a rich history of both technological and business success.

It's extremely suitable for the average home user, but if you're constantly browsing unfamiliar websites and like living on the edge, you should probably consider a more solid antivirus product like BitDefender or Norton, which would provide a more solid defense line for your online adventures.

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Avast gained its popularity through its 2008 release of an antivirus tool, which became the most popular free virus protection tool with 230 million installations to-date. The paid products Avast offers are very good and according to the most recent tests, they're even improving. Among the tools Avast provides are a firewall, spam protection, home WiFi protection, and much more.

Date published:March 24, 2018
8.9 / 10 stars


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