How to Uninstall Norton Security Without Leaving a Trace

Operating System: Windows 10

Antivirus version: Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security suffers from Norton's reputation of being difficult to remove, mostly owing to older versions of Norton's security tools.

However, not all is bad and it's very simple to uninstall Norton Security using the Add/Remove Programs Windows offers.

As I usually recommend, before uninstalling choose another antivirus software from our list of recommended brands.


Choose a New Antivirus

How to Uninstall Norton Security Completely:

  1. Open your start menu and choose Settings > System > Apps & features:


    Start menu > Settings > Apps & features

    Choose to Uninstall Norton Security in the Apps & features settings


  2. Allow the uninstall process to run buy clicking "Yes":


    Windows confirmation screen

    Click Yes on the Windows confirmation screen


  3. Norton will initialize the uninstaller:



    Initializing uninstaller


  4. On the next screen select "Please remove all user data":


    Choose whether you intend to reinstall Norton or if you will remove it completely

    Choose whether you intend to reinstall Norton or if you will remove it completely


  5. Don't keep any feature Norton offers, even if it's free. Select "No, thanks" if you get a screen like this one:


    Norton identity safe - free offer

    If you decided to uninstall Norton, remove it completely


  6. On this screen you can leave feedback if you're either really bored, or extremely angry for any reason, but you can also just move on with your life and hit "Next":


    Feedback opportunity

    Feedback opportunity - I click Next on screens like this


  7. The removal process of Norton Security is happening - it takes 2 minutes.

    I think it's important to note that they implore you to get security software, even if it's not one of theirs. I join them in this recommendation wholeheartedly!


    Uninstalling Norton Security

    Uninstalling Norton Security - you still need a security software


  8. Now that you removed Norton Security, you have to reboot your computer before the changes take place. Better now than later.


    Final stage - restart your computer

    Reboot your computer for the changes to take place


And that's it, you're all done with Norton Security!

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to removing Norton's older software.

Norton's older versions have gained reputation for being very difficult to remove from a computer; however, since then, Norton began providing a special removal tool to uninstall older Norton products and also the newer Norton Security.

If you're only using Norton Security, I recommend following the instructions above.

How to Uninstall Norton Products using the Norton Removal Tool:

The following will not be removed by using this method:

  • Norton Utilities
  • Norton Family
  • Norton Identity Safe
  • Subscription data from the registry (to prevent users from installing multiple trial copies)

However, barely any users purchase these products.

  1. Download the Norton removal tool here.
  2. Run the file from your downloads folder:


    Run the Norton Removal Tool

    Run the Norton Removal Tool you downloaded


  3. Click "Yes" when prompted for app permissions by Windows:


    Windows confirmation screen

    Click Yes on the Windows confirmation screen


  4. Click "Next" on the first screen of the Norton Removal Tool:


    Norton Removal Tool - welcome screen

    Click Next on this welcome screen


  5. Accept the License Agreement and click "Next":


    Norton Removal Tool EULA Agreement

    Acceot the Norton Removal Tool EULA Agreement and hit Next


  6. Fill out the captcha and click "Next" (not case-sensitive):


    Enter the Captcha

    Enter the Captcha and hit Next


  7. Confirm the initiation of the removal process:


    Final confirmation before the removal begins

    Confirm the removal of Norton Security one last time and it will begin


  8. Wait patiently for the Removal Tool to finish uninstalling Norton Security:


    Removal progress

    Removal progress - takes about 2 minutes


  9. Click "Restart":


    Reboot required

    Now you have to reboot your computer


One your computer boots up, Windows will automatically open a browser window with Norton's site prompting you to reinstall the tool.

Now, if your intention of removing Norton was to re-install it, simply follow this guide that explains how to install Norton Security.

Otherwise, simply close the browser and go on about your day.

But if you still haven't selected an antivirus software to replace Norton Security, don't leave your PC exposed!

Check out our list of the best antivirus software and choose a product to protect your computer and safeguard you from online threats.

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