How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus 2016: A Step by Step Guide

Operating System: Windows 10

Antivirus version: McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee is an antivirus software notorious for a difficult uninstall, but the 2016 products have brought about a change.

I decided to test it out and see if I can compile an easy tutorial about uninstalling McAfee.

Today, you can easily remove McAfee using the Windows add/remove programs menu.

Before we dive in, I have an important tip:

Don't leave your computer unsecured; choose and download another antivirus software from our list of reviews and install it immediately after you uninstall McAfee antivirus.

I recommend installing Bitdefender.


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How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

You can remove McAfee's software from your PC in a few simple steps:

  1. Open your start menu and access Settings > System > Apps & features
  2. Locate the McAfee product you installed (I'm talking about the main security product, not the additional installations).

    In my case, it's the LiveSafe product. Note that McAfee WebAdvisor is also an installed app, but it's going to be removed when I remove McAfee LiveSafe.

    Now, select your McAfee product and click "Uninstall":


    Find your installation of McAfee

    Find your installation of McAfee in your Windows settings


  3. This is the usual prompt Windows pops up when you run a non-native app, so you need to click "Yes":


    Windows confirmation prompt

    Windows confirmation prompt


  4. On the screen you need to select all the products that you'd like to remove from your PC.

    In this tutorial, I'm showing how to remove McAfee entirely so I selected all the options.

    When you made your choices, click "Uninstall":


    Select which products you would like to remove

    Select all the products you would like to remove


  5. The next screen is an attempt to retain you and a reminder that you can reinstall it again because you have an active McAfee subscription.

    Click "Uninstall" to begin the process of removing McAfee from your PC.


    Final confirmation screen before removal takes place

    McAfee gives you a last chance at regret before you remove it


  6. At this point you can lay back and relax as McAfee is uninstalling. This process took me approximately 5 minutes.



    McAfee is being removed from your computer


  7. Throughout the removal process you might see this type of warnings, but it's cool because you have an antivirus software ready to install right after you uninstall McAfee.


    Good, so just click "Close" if you see this message:


    McAfee warning

    Another reminder from McAfee that you are always welcome back


  8. When the process of removing McAfee is completed, you'll get a prompt to leave feedback as to why you removed it.

    I usually don't bother with those, and just skip ahead.

    So click "No thanks" and on you go:


    Feedback request

    A feedback request after removal


  9. The last and most important stage - reboot your PC.

    Don't postpone it, click "Restart now":



Once your machine booted up, you won't find any memory of McAfee in your task manager, installed apps or browser.

Here's my Windows 10 Apps & features menu after restarting the computer:


Searching for McAfee in my apps and it is not there

Uninstall successful: McAfee is no longer on my computer


So as you can see, uninstalling McAfee completely from your computer is a 10-minute process lasting only a few clicks and a reboot.

The hype about McAfee being difficult to remove doesn't have much merit when it comes to its new product line.

And now to my everlasting reminder to stay safe:

If you still haven't, choose an antivirus software from our list and install it without delay.

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