How to Install Norton Security 2017

Operating System: Windows 10

Antivirus version: Norton Security Deluxe

This guide will demonstrate how to install Norton Security quickly and easily:

  1. Download Norton Security 2017, here:



    Norton Security Premium

  2. Run the file you just downloaded.
  3. You will get this message, click Yes:


    Windows Permission Request

    Click Yes, because you can trust Norton Security software

  4. Now the Norton Security installer will show up, and you can start installing it by clicking "Agree & Install"

    Note the little blue x - this means that your computer will be part of Norton's "sensor" network, assisting Norton Security to identify new online threats.

    So, if Norton's installation on your computer is the first one to encounter a malicious element online, it will be sent back to Norton for them to research it, add it to their database, develop a "cure" and update their protection database for all of their users.

    This way you're helping eliminate online threats for the entire user base of Norton, most of whom are doing the same.

    If you don't want to take part in this process, you should simply remove the blue x by clicking it once.


    Terms of Service: Read, Agree and Install

    Terms of Service:Click Agree and Install

  5. Installing... be patient: don't exit the installer and don't shut down or restart your computer.


    Installation in Progress - this might take a few minutes

    Installation in Progress - this might take a few minutes


  6. You're done!


    Installation Complete - You can now use Norton Security

    Installation Complete - You can now use Norton Security


  7. Sign in with your Norton Account:


    Sign in with your Norton Account

    Sign in with your Norton Account


At this stage, you have the Norton Security software installed and ready to go, but you still need to make sure your virus database is up to date.

Run Norton Security and download all the protection updates.

  1. Expand the main screen by clicking this green arrow:


    Expand the screen to see more options

    Expand the screen to see more options


  2. Click "Live Update"


    Expanded options screen

    Click on Live Update


  3. Wait while Norton checks, downloads and applies the updates.


    Update in progress

    Be patient: it won't take long


  4. Hit "Restart Now"


    Restart your computer now

    Restart your computer by clicking


After you've restarted the computer, Norton will show that the the Protection Updates status is "current".


Protection Updates: Current

Protection Updates: Current - But is it really?


But it's not.

You have to actively repeat the above process multiple times until you activate "Live Update" and there are no more updates left.

As I was writing this guide, I was curious as to how many times I will have to run Live Update, so I counted.

The final numbers?

6 update sessions, 4 reboots of my PC, and about 40 minutes of my life for the entire installation and update process.

This might take a while, but you have to keep downloading updates one by one and restarting your PC over and over until your version of Norton Security is actually up to date in order to enjoy full protection.


Norton Security is now up to date

Norton Security is now up to date - no more updates required


Throughout the process, Norton's interface might change slightly as it progresses through the design stages. This is the final form of Norton Security:


The final design of Norton Security 2017 after all the updates and patches

The final design of Norton Security 2017


Note that you have a 30-day money back guarantee when you purchase Norton Security, so if you're not pleased with this software in any way check out our best antivirus reviews for a different software.

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