How to Install AVG Antivirus 2016: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Operating System: Windows 10

Antivirus version: AVG Internet Security Unlimited 2016

If you decided to install AVG antivirus or one of its extended bundles, it shouldn't take you long.

In this guide I will demonstrate how to install AVG Internet Security Unlimited along with screenshots for illustrations.

How to Install AVG

  1. Start by purchasing your AVG license (or downloading the free trial) here:

    (This bundle has the best value for money out of all of AVG's offers)


    Get Internet Security Unlimited

  2. Once you downloaded the software, run the file from your downloads folder or directly from your browser.
  3. As with any new software, you will be greeted by the ever-familiar windows prompt where you have to click Yes:


    User account control prompt

    Windows user account control prompt: click Yes


  4. Immediately after you confirm, AVG will initiate its download of the installation components to your computer.

    Wait until it finishes.


    AVG is downloading the installation components

    Wait a few seconds until this process is finished


  5. Once it's done, you will need to accept the End User License Agreement by clicking Install Now on this screen:


    EULA screen

    Confirm the EULA by clicking Install Now


    If you're curious as to what exactly you customize, this is the Custom Installation screen:


    Custom installation options

    The settings you can change with a custom installation


  6. From this point AVG will begin installing without involving you in the process until the installation is finished.


    AVG is installing

    Installing AVG...


  7. Once the software installation is completed, you will be prompted to create an AVG MyAccount.

    You don't have to create an account, but it's convenient to have all the info in one place (billing, devices, ect.), so fill out your email, choose a strong password, and click Create Account.

    However, if you don't want to you can click Skip for Now.


    Create your AVG account

    Fill out your details and click Create Account


  8. After that, AVG will run and update your virus definitions by itself to the latest version.


    Downloading the latest updates

    AVG is downloading the latest updates


  9. After that, you're good to go!

    AVG is now installed on your system and you can safely go on about your day.


    Installation complete

    The AVG installation is finished


So, that was a piece of cake, and it only took about 15 minutes from download to the up-to-date version of AVG, and I didn't even have to restart my computer!

One more thing for you to remember:

You have 30 days during which you can either try out this product for free, or get your money back if you purchased it.

So should you reach a situation where you decided to remove AVG, get a refund and try another antivirus, also don't forget to look at our list of the recommended antivirus software providers.

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