How to Install Avast Antivirus 2016: a Step-by-Step Guide

Operating System: Windows 10

Antivirus version: Avast Internet Security 2016

For the purposes of this guide, I installed Avast Internet Security 2016 because it's the bundle I recommend you use as well.

I will now demonstrate how to install Avast with a few quick steps.

How to Install Avast Antivirus:

  1. Use this exclusive discount link to download Avast:


    Get Avast Antivirus

  2. Run the downloaded file and allow Windows to install it


    Windows confirmation prompt

    Click Yes to run Avast Installer


  3. Wait for the installer to initialize:


    Installer is launching

    Avast installer is launching


  4. On the next screen, click "Install":

    You can also customize the installation, but I recommend sticking with the basics.


    EULA screen and beginning of installation

    Click install to begin


  5. Avast is now installing the software on your computer.

    You can go about your business and hide this notification.


    Avast installer notification

    This small window appears in the notification bar


  6. Once the notification above disappears, Avast still didn't finish its work, but it's just about to.

    You can follow the remainder of the installation progress by clicking the Avast icon in the notification bar, and this is what you will see:


    Installing Avast

    Avast is finalizing the installation process


  7. Once the software finished installing Avast, you will get this message, so click Continue:


    Installation complete

    Installation complete - click Continue


  8. The next screen will warn you about Avast's anonymous data collection, but if you're a privacy fanatic I will show you how to disable it in the next (and last) two steps.

    For now, click Continue:


    Data collection notice

    Privacy and anonymous data collection notice


  9. So, if you do mind Avast's data collection, you can disable it in 2 simple steps.

    First, click the gear icon in the top right corner to access the Settings:



  10. Next, simply scroll down to the Privacy settings, uncheck these two options and click OK:


    Avast settings screen

    Reclaim your privacy by opting out of anonymous data collection

This is it, you're all done and it took you about 5 minutes.

Furthermore, once installed, no updates are necessary and both the software and its virus definitions are up to date from the get go.

The Avast installation is the easiest one so far, they're doing their best to get this software installed on your machine and to minimize your effort on every click.

Avast gives you a free trial for 30 days (or 60 days if you add a payment method) before you pay a single cent.

So, if you're not pleased in anyway with this software, check out our complete list of the best antivirus software of 2016, and choose another one.

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