VPN Software Comparison 2017: Choose the Best VPN for You

There are many factors that determine whether a VPN is good enough for you. While some users require multiple simultaneous connections, others might be more interested in the logging (or to be more accurate - no logging) policy and the company's physical location.

This is why we built this VPN comparison chart:

Use the information laid out here to eliminate the VPN software that doesn't include the most important features for you, and to enjoy the best value for money from the ones that do.

For a more thorough analysis of these companies, you can find our VPN software reviews here.

Jurisdiction and Policy
Headquarters Panama
No Log Policy
Fourteen Eyes?
Data Collected
Email Address
User Name
Billing information
Baseline network Speed
Baseline Download 100 Mb/s
Baseline Upload 2 Mb/s
GSM G4 Download 18 Mb/s
GSM G4 upload 12 Mb/s
Download test
P2P Download speed 24.6 Mb/s
% P2P change -72%
HTTP Download 20.28 Mb/s
% HTTP change -79%
Upload Test
HTTP Upload 2.6 Mb/s
% Upload Change -24%
Latency Test
Latency Baseline 216 ms
Latency Average 342 ms
Latency Increase 126 ms
Webpage Load Time
Webpage Baseline 1.25 Sec
Webpage Average 1.88 Sec
Webpage Increase 0.63 Sec
Mobile Client Test
Mobile Download 7.5 Mb/s
Mobile Upload 5 Mb/s
Mobile % Change -57%
Simultaneous Connections 6
Kill Switch
Bandwidth Limitation
Chain Connection
Port Forwarding
Netflix Support
Streaming Support
Supported OS Win,IOS,Android,Linux
Supported Hardware DD-WRT, RaspberryPi, Tomato
Windows Client
Mac Client
Linux Client
Android Client
IOS Client
Browser Extension
OpenVpn Client
Network Infrastructure
Number of Servers 1410
Number Of Countries 20
Private DNS Servers
Dedicated Servers
Service Privacy
DNS Leak Pass
WebRTC Leak Pass
Canvas Fingerprinting Fail
Font Fingerprinting Fail
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
Detection Tests
Proxy Detected
Open Ports 80, 1080, 8080, 1723
Reverse DNS % 50%
Server Blacklisted % 40%
Obfuscated Servers
Customer Support(V)
Open Ticket
Phone Number
live Chat
Support Email
Response Time 13 Hours
Customer Support Score 75\100
Traditional Payment
Credit Card
Anonymous Payment
Pricing (v)
1-Month-Plan 11.95 USD
12-Month-Plan 5.75 USD
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Free Trial 3 days
Free Version
Compare VPN Last updated:February 11, 2018


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