Join the Effort: Report Fake Tech Support Scams

Following quite a bit of research and after conferring with third-parties who also fight online scams, we hereby announce our initiative to remove fake tech support scams from Google search results.

And we need your help!

Only a few minutes of your time, once in a while, can make a difference.

You can start by subscribing below and by sharing this page.

Strength in Numbers - John C. Mather

We want to harness this strength to protect vulnerable people from online scams.

Once we reach 10,000 subscribers, we’ll occasionally email you information about scammers and easy ways to report them.

When only a handful of people report a scam, it doesn't make much of a difference.

When hundreds and thousands of reports come in, it’s bound to result in quick removal of online scams and perhaps even some prosecutions against the scammers.

This is our call for those of you who understand the dangers lurking on the web, and wish to help protect the potential victims of online scams.


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Were you scammed?

If you've been scammed you can report it to a variety of organizations who are dealing with this issue:

Report it internationally to

Report it to your local authorities:





Other countries:

Find your national consumer protection agency here.

In addition, you can notify the company which the person on the other side of the line claimed to be.

Report spam and scam search results

How to report tech support scams in search results:

Suggest improvements

Let us know if you stumbled across a scam or if you have suggestions for additional organizations which handle and act on scam reports.

Report a Scam Last updated:March 7, 2018