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Reproduction of our content in any form or medium, in whole or in part, without express written permission of the Company prior to any such reproduction, is strictly prohibited. Plagiarism and/or copyright infringement will be detected by Copyscape immediately. We have dealt with Copyright infringement harshly in the past. Our policy is to file a DMCA complaint in each case of plagiarism of any sort.

Third Party Content

We are not responsible for the content, quality or function of the third party web sites and products We review. While We aim to provide an impartial service in providing independent reviews of virus protection software, We will not be held accountable for any service or downloaded material which you deem to be unsatisfactory.

The views expressed herein are merely opinions of the editors and of end-users. Whilst We regularly review all the sites We recommend, We will not be held accountable for any incorrect or misleading information We provide on FatSecurity.com. The sites We recommend are all third-party sites and may be subject to change without warning. The information We provide is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to check all information on the vendor's website before making a purchase of any kind. Should you spot an error on our part due to a site having suddenly changed (for example if the billing information, various features, or costs happen to go out of date) then We would be glad to hear from you - to get in touch, please visit the Contact link placed at the bottom of every page of the Site.

User-generated content

Comments left by readers, if any, are reviewed manually before being approved and are posted to the Site at the sole discretion of the editors. Comments which contain spam, hidden advertisements, and other undesirable content will be disapproved and will not be posted to the Site. Comments which contain explicit language may be censored or disapproved.


The Site reviews online services and provides these reviews to our readers for free. Our revenue is generated by affiliate commissions.

Like most other review sites on the internet, FatSecurity.com, in some cases, receives a commission upon the sale of products and services We review. This commission doesn't cost our readers anything extra; when applicable, the partner pays Us for any qualifying click, lead or sale We generate out of their pocket.

The generated revenue allows Us to pay salaries to our employees and to maintain the site as a free service to our readers.

FTC guidelines compliance

We make this disclosure of affiliate generated income in the interests of being up-front and honest with our readers and in keeping with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines. If you have any comments or questions, please email us by using the Contact link at the bottom of the page.


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