Why FatSecurity.com is Free

If you are in search for the best antivirus software and value for your money, please don't hesitate to contact us with your wants and expectations from the software. We peruse thousands of specifications and online reviews in order to send you a list to choose from that suits your desires best.

The key to our satisfaction resulting from our site is its growing traffic, which in turn determines the vast amount of personal queries that we receive from our readers through the contact page.

We keep a note of every single question we receive from readers; this article is a result of our putting these notes together into one structured place to answer any questions you may have, so you can just move straight onto picking the best antivirus software.

The Most Commonly Asked Question

The leading question put forward to us is this: "Where's the catch in all this? Why would you offer such in-depth, helpful reviews and advice to the internet users for free? How do you benefit from this endeavor?"

We can totally identify with these questions and understand where it is coming from, and we have a very simple answer.

Our services are not free!

What does this mean?

As the title suggests, the reviews are free for you - our readers - to read, and the information contained therein is for you to make use of; however, we do get compensation for the time and effort we invest into each review.

Again, this compensation doesn't come from our readers. 

We suggest you read on to get a full explanation on what we mean and to see how we make our money.

Affiliate Marketing & FatSecurity.com

The web is a great place to generate revenue.

When you publish on the internet, there are various ways to generate a revenue.

  1. You can create advertising space on your website and charge advertisers using pay-per-click, or using a flat-fee basis.
  2. You can set up an affiliate partnership agreement, whereby the publisher of the content makes a commission/profit for actual sales resulting from the traffic from the publisher's website. The commission is paid by the advertiser.

We opt for the second choice, and that is how we make our money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This type of marketing has taken the internet by storm; it's everywhere!

A site like Amazon.com boasts the leading program in this type of revenue generation, with what's called, Amazon.com Associates

There are coupon websites such as: hot-deals.org, and slickdeals.net.

All these sites make their money through established affiliate partnerships.

When it comes to FatSecurity.com, there are affiliate commissions with several antivirus companies. We get updated by them with a list of purchases to validate whether readers bought their product on our recommendation, and this is how we generate revenue.

What Makes FatSecurity.com Different?

Antivirus software advice websites usually offer banner advertising, and that's where it ends.

This is how it works:

  • You enter a site and click on a banner ad of, for example: Bitdefender or Avira.
  • A cookie is then placed on your computer as a tracking device for the website to know which advert you pressed on.
  • If you purchase a product within 30 days, the owner of the site earns a commission from the relevant product advertiser.

We work differently!

We might also have lots of passive content, including: our detailed and well-researched review pages based on our expertise in the antivirus vertical, helpful Q&A sections,and more.

But we don't stop there.

There is a decided factor which makes us different from other sites.

It's the true value we offer.

This value is a result of personalized advice, written by honest and level-headed individuals who become experts in the antivirus vertical and its different niches.

We offer objective advice based on thorough research, but we believe that the X-factor and most beneficial advice comes from first-hand experience by our antivirus software savvy writers.

Wait, there's more!

Another thing that places us above the bar is our approach.

We are active in our readers' search for the best antivirus software that will suit any particular needs.

It is not only about offering passive content, but rather that we scour the internet to find the most suitable antivirus product when you contact us.

We Offer a Professional Opinion

There are absolutely no strings attached to the commitment of FatSecurity.com to offer a professional opinion on all things antivirus software.

It is our genuine concern to have your best interests at heart when you choose an antivirus product, and therefore we turn a complicated process into a simple one for you.

It always makes us happy to be a part of your decision-making process of the ideal antivirus software product.

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