About FatSecurity.com

FatSecurity.com is a project started by two guys with a lot of experience in internet security, web technology, and online marketing.

Our Goal

We strive to present crucial information to you - our readers - in the best form possible to help you make the best decision when choosing an antivirus software.

Our Motivation

When we approached this project we discovered a serious problem:

It’s virtually impossible to find reliable antivirus reviews which are also easily understood by the average user.

While completely unbiased testing organizations provide very valuable information, they don’t provide their data in a format which every user can easily understand.

On the other hand, the majority of antivirus review sites that exist today are all about making as much money as possible even at the expense of your eventual satisfaction from the products they recommend.

Their reviews are lacking that X-factor and are unsatisfyingly shallow, to say the least.

By browsing these antivirus review sites, you will find that many of them recommend brands that might be reliable and trustworthy, but can be one of the lower rated AV software available today in terms of performance and detection rates. What' more, some of the vendors they recommend are being ripped to shreds on technological forums and community sites like reddit.

How are we different?

We care about the customer.

It’s that simple.

Yes, we still earn a commission for some of the sales made through our website, but this commission doesn’t increase the price our referred users receive.

On the contrary:

We partner with some AV vendors to provide our users better deals which leads to a win-win-win situation:

  • The user receives the best price
  • The vendor gets a new customer
  • We receive a commission

What do we actually do?

We research antivirus software, run in-house tests, and bring you the final conclusions in an easy-to-understand and unique format.

How we get paid

When you click some of our links you receive a special price while we receive a commission for your purchase, which is usually around 20% of the amount you pay.

Without our link, more often than not, you would pay more and we would receive nothing.

This is why we encourage you to use our links if you feel that our work contributed to your buying decision, or if you just feel like we did a good job and we deserve it.

Find out more about affiliate marketing and how it works here.

Our team

Ami Zivov


A cyber-security expert with many years of experience in the field. A founder and co-founder of numerous start-up companies some of which had immense success. He’s clear-minded, tech-savvy, and always finds another idea on how to improve the experience of our readers and provide them with more value.

Ami does the majority of our hands-on testing, he writes and contributes to our antivirus reviews, and he leads the innovation for improving our readers’ experience on the site.

Dennis Z


A millennial privacy freak who wouldn’t normally even put his first name anywhere, not to mention his last name or his photo. He learned basic programming at the advanced age of 11, and so computers have always been a part of his life in every aspect.

Dennis leads the marketing strategy for FatSecurity.com. He writes articles, guides, and reviews, and he creates informative videos for this website. He also wrote this very page.

Danielle P


A creative and literary prodigy with an astounding ability to write about anything. While Danielle doesn’t have a vast technical background, her research capabilities are limitless, and she can write about anything her heart desires. What’s more: she loves it!

Danielle is our senior editor and nothing is posted on the site without her approval. So if you find a typo, email us so we can rub it in her face for a change.

Vlad Zhelezniak

Vlad Zhelezniak

The newest addition to our team is a kid we discovered on Quora while he was minding his own business by being super helpful to everyone who had a question about anything related to malware. He’s a self-taught malware enthusiast who’s capable of explaining the finest details of complex subjects in a few lines. Keep an eye out for his upcoming articles because they’re a treat to read.



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